Give Your Fictional Characters a Psych Eval

There is a phrase bandied about that irks me more than just about anything I’ve heard over the course of my 20-year career both as a novelist and a TV writer. This expression is often used as a copout by—quite honestly—inferior storytellers who don’t want to do the work of making multi-dimensional characters or who … Read more

Google Adds More Insights to its ‘All In’ Marketing Accessibility Resource

Google has expanded its ‘All In’ marketing toolkit to include more Insights on accessible marketing, in order to help ensure that advertisers consider accessibility within their outreach initiatives. As explained by Google: “People are exposed to around two million ads per year, but many say they don’t see themselves or their community accurately represented in … Read more

Meta Launches New Creator Monetization Initiatives, Including More Reels Payments and NFTs

Meta’s adding some new creator monetization options, including new metaverse and Web3-aligned options, as it looks to build the next platform for creative expression and engagement, and ensure that it keeps its top stars posting to its apps into the future. First off, Meta’s testing a new Creator Marketplace on Instagram, where creators will be … Read more

Writer’s Digest Presents: Vacation Reads (Podcast, Episode 6)

In this sixth episode of the Writer’s Digest Presents podcast, Amy, Robert, Moriah, and Michael discuss what makes for a good vacation read, what their favorite vacation reads are, and much more. Thoughts on Vacation Reads From the WD Editors: “My idea of ​​a vacation read is almost entirely dependent on where I’m going and … Read more

Brand Awareness – Social Media Explorer

Ways Businesses Can Use To Increase Brand Awareness In order to get ahead in the competitive world of business today, a business must have a strong brand identity. Branding is the way businesses are able to communicate to their potential customers. A company’s name, logo and messaging are all elements that can help make it … Read more

Trend Chaser – Writer’s Digest

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash While my TikTok page mostly consists of animal fact videos and silly comedy sketches, there’s no denying that social media trends (especially the musical ones!) can be addicting. They’re also story gold! Just think about that episode of “Abbott Elementary” where the teachers have to band together to … Read more