10 Content Marketing Articles Readers (Like You) Loved This Year

How many of the 249+ blog articles published in 2021 by CMI have you read? As I read each one (it’s my job), I think very few others have. I get it – we are bombarded with content every day.

To help everyone get the highlights, I’ve compiled the 10 most popular posts from last year based on data from BuzzSumo and Google Analytics (including social shares, email conversions, page views, unique linking domains) and a dose of editorial discretion.

You’ll find that all of these articles have one thing in common: the authors share a lot of knowledge that you can immediately use in your everyday content marketing.

Since everyone is feeling pressed for time these days, I’ve listed articles based on when they were read (from shortest to longest). I hope you find them as helpful as I did.

reading time: 4 minutes

author: Kate Bradley Cherness

Why are you reading this: You don’t have to follow all the English lessons the school teaches in your writing, but you do need to make sure your content is good. Kate shares some “easy” ways to spice up your content to entice your audience to read and take action.

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Read your writing out loud. If you feel embarrassed coming out of your mouth, it will read embarrassingly to consumer #content, says LatelyAIKately via BrandlovellcCMIContent. # Tips for writing Click to tweet

reading time: 7 minutes

author: Khoja club

Why are you reading this: Regardless of the size of your team, switching purposes can be the solution to lighten your content creation workload. It’s also an excellent way to get your content in front of more people in the formats they might prefer. Nadia She shares how to achieve more of the content you create. This one is for anyone who has wished they didn’t have too many pieces to write or edit in such a short amount of time or who felt challenged to develop enough original content for multiple channels.

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Roll a larger piece of #content into smaller pieces. Or combine several blog posts into a comprehensive directory, says NadyaKhoja via BrandlovellcCMIContent. Click to tweet

reading time: 8 minutes

author: Kim Motsos

Why are you reading this: Don’t read it if you think ideas will always come to you when you need them. But take a look at this when you are ready to search and discover hidden content opportunities around you. Kim leads you down productive paths to find and refine raw materials into something great.

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Dive into your competition’s #content to reveal topics, audience reactions, and channels. Then he outgrew them, says @KMoutsos via CMIContent. Click to tweet

reading time: 11 minutes

author: Shane Parker

Why are you reading this: You may have already achieved enough conversions. But do you really want to settle down Adequate? Shane offers ideas for getting more conversion visitors — including tips for making your content more engaging, from the headline to calls to action.

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Your title is bait. Your intro is the hook, as @shane_barker says via CMIContent. # Tips for writing Click to tweet

reading time: 11 minutes

author: Judy Harris

Why are you reading this: Your content marketing program will be judged by its impact on your business profits. Jodi offers tips, templates, and techniques to help you make sure you’re measuring (and working on) the things that make a difference.

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Learn about your company’s priorities to determine which #ContentMarketing goals to measure, then learn which metrics to track, advises @joderama via @BrandlovellcCMIContent. Click to tweet

reading time: 15 minutes

author: Mike Murray

Why are you reading this: 2021 is coming to an end. But the 21 SEO tips, tools, tactics, and trends that Mike Murray gave at the start of the year can help you protect your rankings — and maybe even gain an advantage.

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The @Google clips feature helps researchers find sections of the #content webpage that answer their questions, which can help #SEO efforts, says @MikeOnlineCoach via BrandlovellcCMIContent. Click to tweet

reading time: 17 minutes

author: Darek Black

Why are you reading this: Your content must gain the trust of your readers in order to get them to come back, sign up for your newsletter, purchase your product, or take some other desirable action. If you create content that looks grandiose, monotonous, or academic, it may never come back. The conversational version offers the antidote to monotonous content. Darek offers tips (not rules) for content that opens the door to human-to-human communication.

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In the name of #conversation transcription, reject the rule of thumb that says don’t end a sentence with a preposition, says @ContentStride via @BrandlovellcCMIContent. # Tips for writing Click to tweet

reading time: 18 minutes

author: Stephanie Stahl

Why are you reading this: CMI’s Visual Storytelling Summit provided stories, lessons, and examples that inspired, made people laugh, made them cry, and motivated them. Stephanie rounds up the highlights you may have missed (or forgotten). You can click to access each session to watch on demand (the single registration form gives you access to all sessions of your choice).

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Live broadcasts can build your brand, connect on a deeper level with your audience, and support the sales process and sales cycle, says dylan_hey via EditorStahlBrandlovellcCMIContent. Click to tweet

reading time: 22 minutes

author: Ann Jin

Why are you reading this: Earlier this year, we asked speakers at Content Marketing World what worries them about our industry. They are back with a lot to say. Many of their comments fall into a few overarching categories: strategy, audience, and content itself. Read this to see if the things that drive you crazy about the practice we all love are the list (and ideas for what you can do to counteract them).

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It’s time to start creating #evergreen content and stop wasting time, money and energy on disposable content for single use, says @carlijnpostma via @AnnGynnBrandlovellcCMIContent. # the scientist Click to tweet

reading time: 26 minutes

author: Aaron Orndorf

What you will learn: Aaron’s article ends up near the top of readers’ favorite year after year. (It first appeared in 2016, and we updated it earlier this year.) Why is it so popular? figuring out which social media tools to invest in is huge – and it seems to get more and more complex every year. Fifty online influencer marketers share the best social media tool (and why they love it). Not every tool on the list will make sense to you, but it’s a great place to start your search (or gather social proof for tools you’re already considering).

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Use text overlays on videos – 80% of video ads on #Facebook are seen with the audio turned off, says MariSmith via CMIContent. Click to tweet

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