10 Questions to Ask Yourself for an Airtight Plot

When we were creating our novel The Lawless Land, the two of us—one in Seattle and the other in LA—spent many hours on the phone working on the story. As brother-sister collaborators, we were able to solve our plot problems by asking each other questions that got at the root of our sticking points. It was a great device for thwarting writer’s block.

(Writing Mistakes Writers Make: Ending Your Story Too Soon)

Even if you’re working on a novel by yourself, you can still use the same technique. Self-interrogation may sound awkward or intimidating, but it’s simply a tool to reset yourself and figure out why you can’t move forward or why a plot point isn’t working. Maybe you create a document where you literally ask yourself questions in writing and then type your answers back to yourself. Or try talking through your problem with a trusted friend or family member just to bounce ideas off them.


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