2022 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

Write a poem every day of April with the 2022 April Poem-A-Day Challenge. For today’s prompt, write a six words poem.

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For today’s prompt, write a poem using at least three of the following six words. Or go for extra credit and use all six. Here are the six words:

  1. Content
  2. Double
  3. Guide
  4. Meet
  5. Pump
  6. Suit

Also, just because people tend to ask every year, I’m totally fine with people “bending” words (like turning “suit” into “suite” and/or “meet” into “meat”). Have fun, y’all!

Remember: These prompts are springboards to creativity. Use them to expand your possibilities, not limit them.

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Here’s my attempt at a Six Words Poem:

“track meet”

i’ll double up in the half
and the full mile if it makes
you smile in your track suit

pass the baton and i’ll guide
us to the finish line as i pump
my legs and arms and breathe

and breathless i’m content
just to know that when i
collapse when i’m done

you’ll be smiling over me


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