An Overview of Google’s Algorithm Updates in 2021 [Infographic]

Are you on all the recent Google search updates, which can affect your SEO performance?

Google is always looking to improve its algorithms to improve the user experience and deliver more relevant results. Within that, these changes can sometimes change the way your pages rank for certain keywords and terms.

If you notice a drop in your search referral traffic, it could be one of these changes – but how do you know which changes took effect, and when, in order to correlate each with peak and lowest search traffic?

This visual overview from the team at OnCrawl will help you. The graphic shows all the major Google search algorithm updates from the past year, which you can then match against your results.

Of course, the epidemic and related impacts have had such a significant impact on consumption behaviors that it is difficult to pinpoint any specific cause for most of the changes in recent times. But perhaps, with a thorough examination, you can get a better indication of the potential impacts – while also making sure you keep up with changes in Google’s algorithm by following Google Search Central . Blog.

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