Choosing a Setting for Your Fight Scene: FightWrite™

In my last post I said that this month we would look at how to start a fight. But then the WD Blog made a special request for another subject, and I could hardly turn them down. (They gave me donuts.) So, in this installment of FightWrite on the WDB, we will be looking at where a fight takes place. Which, you wouldn’t imagine that where a fight happens would be so important, but it absolutely is. In fact, where a fight takes place is more important than who is fighting.

Think about it like this: would you rather fight a gorilla or a shark? Well, it all depends if you’re on water or land. On land, you could best a shark just by sitting and being patient. And, in the water, a gorilla is just a hairy anchor. You could win that fight just floating on my back.


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