Facebook Encourages More Developers to Integrate Facebook Stories Sharing into their Apps [Infographic]

As part of its ongoing efforts to maximize the use of Stories, and attract more people who post to the app frequently, Facebook is pushing developers to take advantage of the “Share to Stories” option, which enables app developers to easily connect their apps to publishing Stories. Practical, which helps boost promotion, while also giving users more options to create story content.

Late last year, Facebook announced A new ‘creative apps platform’ for Facebook Stories, which enables developers to create and promote apps related to Stories directly within the Stories ecosystem, while now also providing Link “Creative Applications” Within the process of creating stories to encourage widespread use of the app.

These tools, along with the “sharing in stories” process, add to the creative options that can enhance the user experience, and if Facebook can get more developers to encourage more users to post their in-app accomplishments to Facebook and Instagram Stories, It can be a mutually beneficial process, and encourages the use of more stories.

In support of this, the Facebook developer team has shared a new overview of an infographic of the benefits of using the “Share to Stories” option for app developers, which provides more information on how Facebook can benefit from expanded integration on this front.

Some interesting notes and examples to consider.

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