Google Will Deindex Your Page If It Is Down For a Couple of Days

If you are a digital marketer, or more specifically, if you have any knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) and have used it in your strategies, chances are you are always trying to put your pages at the top of Google searches.

Using appropriate keywords and terms related to the main topic throughout the content is one of the most important places to get a good search ranking. However, on December 10th, John Mueller, a Google search attorney, rolled out some important updates for SEO professionals and digital marketers to consider during their SEO hangouts at the Google Search Hub.

During the meeting, Muller received a question from Akash Singh, who asked how to minimize the potential effects of keeping his website down for a week or two while fixing some bugs. The answer was obvious and might surprise some other specialists.

According to Muller, If your website is down for a few days, it will be de-indexed from the search engine. It is very likely that this is because Google may try to provide results that are relevant to the user, and not pages with errors.

Here are some important points that you should know, so that you can minimize the impact of this news on your SEO strategies:

How to avoid de-indexing

Keep your eyes wide open

Always check if a file Pages are working properly live, make sure that there are no errors, and plan to carry out frequent inspections to keep them up to date;

Fix things as quickly as possible

If you need to fix anything on your website, try to do it within a day, and use the 503 result code, so Google will “know” it’s a temporary outage and check back. If the page is not published in a short period of time, it is very likely that the page will be de-indexed;

You have a plan B

Try anything you can do to avoid outages, but if there’s maintenance planned or the page goes down for any different reason, another thing you can do is follow Mueller’s advice: “…set up a static version of the website somewhere and only show it to users real time “.

Once your page is down, it will have a long way to go back to the top

If one of your pages has been de-indexed for more than just a few days, it is not guaranteed that when the page comes back it will rank exactly as it was before. You may experience strong fluctuations for some time until you get everything back.

The implications of being deindexed

It is important to keep in mind that a page that has been de-indexed or a fluctuating ranking on Google can lead to multiple impacts and metrics besides page views. There are plenty of other metrics that can be affected, such as conversion of leads, deals, new business opportunities, and influence on other internal and external pages when it comes to link building strategies.

John Mueller has made a huge contribution to the world of SEO, so marketers can now get a better idea of ​​how Google works with pages that are undergoing maintenance or going through errors. Remember to keep your eyes open and try everything you can to keep your pages live.

If this is not possible, fix everything as quickly as possible, then you can be sure that you will not fluctuate in the order.

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