How BOPUS Helps Businesses Succeed in the Digital Age

Years ago, shopping was a completely different experience.

Major shopping events like Black Friday were huge deals on a par with major holidays, and frequent sales events will find stores full of eager customers to take advantage of them.

Fighting the crowds and showing up early to get the best selection possible was part of the fun.

But now that the world is digital, things have changed. The wonders of the internet and mobile technology make it possible for people to browse to their heart’s content from the comfort of their homes.

Just a few clicks away, and everything they want is on their way to their front door, usually within a day or two, thanks to super-fast shipping – all without ever having to set foot inside a physical store.

However, the growing allure of online shopping is making traditional retailers scramble to find viable ways to compete and attract customers through their physical doors.

Offers an easy-to-use “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store” (or BOPUS) option via digital marketing Efforts are one way to do this.

Here’s a closer look at how it works and what benefits it brings to modern businesses like yours.

What is “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store” (BOPUS)?

‘Buy Online, Pick Up in Store’, or BOPUS, is a business model that seeks to provide consumers today with the best of both worlds – the convenience of remote shopping combined with the hands-on experience of in-person shopping.

It is part of a movement towards multi-channel shopping that has become increasingly popular lately.

Retailers interested in embracing the BOPUS model maintain a constantly updated display of their existing inventory so that interested customers can surf the Internet at their convenience.

The customer chooses the items he wants and completes the online purchase. Later, they travel to the brick-and-mortar associated store, where the retailer will have the items in bags and ready for pickup.

In some cases, the store may offer a curbside option that does not even require the customer to leave their vehicle.

How can BOPUS benefit your business?

BOPUS offers customers and businesses alike the opportunity to interact with each other online and offline – a great way to enhance the multi-channel shopping experience for both parties.

Here is a look at some of the top business benefits of making BOPUS a part of for you business model.

It provides your customers with the convenience they want

Shoppers in the digital age are accustomed to getting pretty much what they want in a jiffy without ever having to leave the house, thanks to robust online shopping choices combined with fast shipping speeds.

Unfortunately, this has left many traditional businesses out in the open in terms of attracting new business.

BOPUS gives your traditional business a chance to keep up with the times We provide your customers with the convenience they want and expect.

They no longer have to go to the store to browse your selection. Instead, they can shop online whenever they like and pick up whenever it suits them. Also, returns and exchanges are completely hassle-free.

It’s a faster alternative to online shopping

Even the fastest online stores can’t offer shoppers the option of instant gratification, but BOPUS can.

When customers decide to place a BOPUS order, they don’t have to wait a day or two for the product to arrive from a remote location.

instead of, They can pick up their items in person once the retailer can check out their order from the shelves.

In this way, BOPUS gives a physical store a huge advantage even over online shopping giants like Amazon.

And it gives today’s option-loving customer another option to enjoy as much as they can shop for the things they need.

It is more economical

As convenient and desirable as the online shopping experience may be for both businesses and customers, there will always be additional expenses involved.

Shipping costs both parties money, easy and simple. Even “free” shipping isn’t completely free, as the associated costs are recovered through higher price points, additional service fees, etc.

BOPUS saves you both And Your clients’ money, especially over time.

Customers don’t have to pay extra to have their goods sent to them from far away, and your business won’t have to incur the costs associated with shipping ordered items from your online stores.

Gives consumers peace of mind

The pandemic has given many consumers an added incentive to stay away from public places, including stores.

But BOPUS allows them to resume shopping at the stores they love without jeopardizing their health or sacrificing peace of mind.

It also gives consumers who still love to shop in person an assurance that they won’t make the trip to a physical store only to find that the item they want has been sold out by the time they get there.

Instead, they can rest easy knowing that their things are indeed their propertyAvailable to pick up at their convenience.


Interested in incorporating BOPUS into how you run your business? Here’s a look at how to set yourself up for success.

1. Create the application and capture location

Naturally, any retailer interested in exploring BOPUS will need an efficient app or other means for their customers to select and purchase merchandise.

So make sure your device is mobile compatible and easily accessible across a whole range of devices. It should also include a practical way of knowing what’s in stock at any given moment.

You will also need a meeting location. If you already have a physical store, this would be the obvious choice.

However, some companies create additional pickup locations, especially if they want to offer a curbside option.

Mark the area with clear signs and consider creating a reserved parking lot for pickup customers to make things as easy as possible.

2. Training your employees

Whether you will serve your customers entirely in-store or just when they come to pick up an online order, you want them to receive impeccable service.

Ensure that your staff is fully trained in the basics of excellent customer service, including when it comes to procedures for BOPUS.

Service agents must fully understand how to deal with any issues that arise and advise customers on making great buying decisions if they ask for help.

3. Incorporate BOPUS into your marketing campaign

Going through the trouble of setting up a great BOPUS software won’t do your business much if your customers don’t know about it.

Build a complete digital marketing campaign around it to encourage awareness in your online audience.

Add it to the topics you post about on social media. And place plenty of banners at your physical locations to bring store customers into the loop as well.

4. Upgrade the online part of the shopping experience

Smart business owners don’t stop at creating BOPUS and hope that convenience alone will be enough to inspire customers to use it.

Instead, they go the extra mile to make the experience truly engaging. Personalization is one way to do that.

If you sell customizable merchandise (such as gift items), consider enabling customers to complete the customization process in-app or online, so that the item is completely ready by the time they reach the store.

You may also want to take out a page from an IKEA book and let customers use augmented reality to see what a decorative item in their home would look like or if a wearable would look good on them before they buy.

Examples of BOPUS trademarks in use

Need a look at what a successful BOPUS business model looks like once it’s up and running? The following companies have got the flag.

Ackroyd Scottish Bakery

The famous Detroit company that specializes in delicious British sweets closed its retail stores in 2020 in favor of nationwide and roadside shipping for incredible success.

Play TC

This successful sports apparel and footwear brand saw huge profits when it began offering customers online an option to choose between pickup and shipping.


A sustainable, package-free food vendor has successfully weathered the pandemic by switching to a contactless curbside pickup model to keep its customers safe.

get dressed

This popular contemporary fashion brand has transformed its offline retail locations into streamlined pick-up centers renowned for efficiency, convenience and excellent service.

These are just a few examples to keep in mind. As you can see, BOPUS leaves a lot of room for creativity, so you and your team are free to create what your brand needs most.

Be creative, and get ready to embrace the possibilities.

Conclusion: More shopping options is the key to happier customers

Modern consumers love convenience, and they love to shop online or on the go with their mobile devices.

But they are increasingly open to multi-channel experiences too, and BOPUS allows them to enjoy the convenience they are accustomed to. Without having to wait for their goods to be shipped.

Now is the time to take the next step and bring the customer experience in line with current trends.

Our comprehensive guide to crafting perfection Digital Buyer Experience And understanding the seasons of shopping tells you everything you need to know to get started!

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