How International Marketing Campaigns Help Your Business Globally

The great thing about marketing in the 21st century is that any business or brand can do it and do it well. Having a global presence is the way to go. Just as long as you want to have a successful international brand and international marketing campaigns. With this, you’re taking a step in the right direction.

At Day Translations we’re an international translation company offering global marketing strategy services to your company so you can realize maximum growth in your area of ​​specialization. Our international marketing services provide multilingual and interdisciplinary global marketing services suitable for any brand or industry.

Keep reading, we’re going to explore what a global marketing strategy is. We also dish out some great tips on how working with Day Translations to implement your global marketing campaign is the way to go.

What are International Marketing Campaigns or a Global Marketing Strategy?

By the very term global marketing, we can already establish that your marketing transcends national borders to reach potential consumers in other parts of the globe.

The same principles apply to multinational marketing as they would local marketing. The only difference is that it occurs on a much broader scale and is able to penetrate itself into other cultures.

Effective and deliberate marketing to global markets begins with market research also known as getting to know your audience. Through your research questions such as who your audience is, what their wants and needs are, and finding how to deliver it, are all answered.

Of course, reaching out to international markets and implementing an international marketing campaign isn’t a one size fits all situation. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the international marketing services offered at Day Translations so you can know which ones are best suited for your business.

Global Marketing Campaigns from Day Translations

So it’s confirmed that taking your business internationally is going to reap real rewards. You’re ready to become a global brand. You’ve met with overseas partners. You understand that the market is ripe and ready to receive what your business has to offer. And you’re amped to get your marketing efforts aligned with this goal.

So now it’s time to put together a successful global marketing strategy that’s sure to make an impact and drive sales. This is where Day Translations comes in. We offer international marketing services geared for global expansion in the following areas:

Market Research:

Our international market research services continue to help businesses improve their marketing strategies. With over 10 years in the business of helping other businesses to grow, our global experts are ready to help you get the job done in any new market.

Our market research is carefully designed to help you understand buyer personas, understand your competitors and to of course set goals according to the SMART method; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based.

For every company we assist, the results from our research produce customized solutions that best suit the needs of your business.

Search Engine Optimization:

There’s a lot of buzz around Search Engine Optimization/SEO and it’s for good reason. Ranking high on Google searches is one of the best visibility tactics for the success of your business.

Our SEO set-up package includes a dedicated account manager, Google analytics set and conversion tracking, a competitive analysis and so much more. When SEO is implemented in the correct way you’re able to generate more quality leads, stay ahead of your competition and ultimately provide a better user experience for your target audience.


As things and times have changed so has the meaning of branding. Today, the creator of the brand isn’t the one who determines its direction. Instead, it is up to the consumers to set the tone and pace. This doesn’t mean that branding is becoming obsolete, instead, it creates the opportunity to influence your audience and create a lasting impression.

Day Translations is here to help your brand transcend borders and make an impact right around the globe.


Localization is always a good idea when entering an international market. With this in mind, paying attention to minute details always makes you reap big rewards.

Localization includes adapting your website and your overall campaign to the culture, language and in some cases, local practices of your target market. By doing this, you speak the language of your target audience, making your product or service more relatable. This in turn drives sales and increases your conversion rate.


The value of copywriting has doubled in the last few years. Don’t get us wrong. Copywriting was never valueless. Plus, more businesses are just now investing in it because it has proven its value in great ways for others.

Here at Day Translations we provide you with in-depth SEO copywriting for your business. The more content you have out there, that’s targeted and valuable, the more visibility you receive. And of course, with more visibility comes more business.

Wrapping Up

At Day Translations we offer so much more as part of our international marketing campaign services. Does this sound like something your business will benefit from in a great way? Then be sure to request a free quote from us today to get started.

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