How Non-Profits Can Benefit from Apps: The Mobile Solution

Even though non organizations profit are great causes, at their core, they are still businesses. Their mission and motivation behind operating the business differ from other companies. But for non organizations profit to succeed, they still need to make money. And did you know that non-profits can benefit from apps in this regard?

Just like every other business out there, non profit organizations still need to stick with the trends and understand their industry. And today, customers and donors engage with organizations in a primarily mobile fashion.

Pew Research Center states that 95% of Americans own cell phones. And with the vast majority of people owning and using mobile devices, non-profits need to go mobile if they want to survive.

As experts in localization services, we’ll explain why non-profit organizations can benefit from apps and why every non-profit absolutely needs a mobile app!

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Apps for Non-Profits?

Apps Promote User Acquisition

As a non-profit, what’s your strategy for growing your community of donors and customers? Even if you’re doing good at the moment, there’s always room for expansion. Mobile applications make it easier to find customers through the app stores. Customers that might not have known about your non-profit can find you through the app store!

Now, if you’re not familiar with how the app stores work, it’s very similar to the Google search engine. People come to the store with an idea of ​​what they want and then search for it. The algorithm then matches them with the best options for their search terms.

Millions of people browse the app stores every day, and it’s a huge market to tap into. In some situations, it’s even more straightforward and less expensive for organizations to focus on optimization for the app store instead of SEO for their websites.

Apps Improve the Customer Experience

All non profit organizations need to focus on the customer experience they offer their existing customers. And with a mobile app, you can optimize the experience for your customers. Why? Because we live in a mobile world. And this means that it’s much easier for consumers to use their phones and tablets instead of their laptops or desktop computers when they need to search for something. Mobile apps make it easy for your customers to gain access to what they need when they need it most.

Another benefit of an app is that your donors and customers will create profiles on your app, which makes it easier for you to offer them personalized experiences based on their data. Did you know that 63% of consumers say they prefer using mobile apps over computers for the sake of convenience?

You should also localize your app content for specific demographics to ensure you offer your customers content that speaks their language. With localized offerings, you’ll give each user of your app access to as many features as possible based on how their accounts are set up.

Non Profit Apps Increase Revenue

You can increase your revenue stream when you implement a mobile app. But it’s essential to keep in mind that you’ll need to spend money to make money. The initial investment in app development might seem expensive for nonprofit organizations, but the ROI starts rolling in as soon as the app launches.

You can earn income from your app via subscriptions, advertisements, and in-app purchases. However, as a non-profit, you can also add donations to those three income stream options.

If your non-profit sells products to raise funds, non-profit apps can drastically increase the trajectory of your sales. Mobile apps help you acquire new customers and retain your existing ones. They also increase the average order value per purchase.

It’s Easier to Solidify Your Non Profit Organizations Legitimacy with an App

Mobile applications make it easy for non profits to raise awareness about their cause and mission. Nobody wants to get scammed, but scammers aren’t exactly into developing apps just to gain access to their targets.

Mobile apps with high download rates, excellent ratings, and positive reviews make it much easier for potential customers and donors to trust non profits. You can also set your app up with a secure payment gateway so users can safely donate directly through the app or use other methods such as credit cards, PayPal, or Venmo.

Apps Build Communities for Nonprofit Organizations

Everyone that downloads your app will have a common interest in supporting your cause. Perhaps they found personal ties to your brand. The they might have been shared by others feelings that use your app, and this means they can relate to each other.

Unless you’re violating privacy laws, you can allow the users to interact with each other via your app. This becomes like mini social media channels for your supporters. You can also create community discussion boards and allow users to share their personal stories. This sense of community helps spread brand awareness and assists with engaging donors for your non-profit in the long run too.

From enhancing data collection to volunteer management, the ability to send push notifications and collecting online donations, your own app can significantly enhance your fundraising efforts and boost donations for many nonprofits.

Wrapping Up

As you can clearly see, the benefits of modern world apps for non profits are far too great to be ignored. If you don’t have one already, isn’t it high time to invest in a non profit app today? Having your own app is a great way to raise money and helps with engaging donors.

From accquiring new customers and retaining existing ones to increased revenue streams, there are plenty of great reasons to breathe some mobile life into your brand.

A carefully crafted mobile app anchors your non=profit targeted operations at making it a recognized brand on a local and international level. It helps you engage with donors for revenue generation and enhances user acquisition.

Get in touch with Day Translations today to learn more about our bespoke range of app localization services that can help you transcend linguistic and cultural barriers and ensure your non-profit is set up for success in the digital era!

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