Nielsen Annual Marketing Report: Era of Alignment

Nielsen Annual Marketing Report: Era of Alignment

Even with the challenges of the past 2 years, many brands are still trying to rebalance their marketing efforts in 2020 after massive pullbacks, particularly when it comes to radio and television.

While they are rebalancing, it is important to remain agile. Consumer behavior isn’t just in flux—it has changed.

Data remains a marketer’s guiding light. But that data–which should be rooted in an effective first data strategy–should be plugged into scalable marketing solutions that brands of all sizes can use to approach all decisions with precision to arrive at reliable, growth-driving outcomes.

The importance of agility has never been greater. Marketing professionals continue to say that agility is the key attribute of a successful business.

Jamie Moldafsky is Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

These findings offer a comprehensive view of the world’s marketing industry from the perspective of first-line marketers. The report leverages findings from a global survey to understand marketers’ sentiment around brand objectives, marketing allocation, channel spend, martech effectiveness, driving tangible ROI, new marketing channels and the importance of brand promise.

Four key sections are featured in this report:

  • It’s more important than ever to increase brand awareness
  • Ensure that Your Cross-Platform Measurement isn’t Siloed
  • Your Data Strategy and Crystalize Your Data for a Personal Future
  • Your brand should be your promise

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