Streaming climbs to new heights again in April despite a dip in total TV viewing – Nielsen

Streaming climbs to new heights again in April despite a dip in total TV viewing – Nielsen

Another milestone was reached by streaming in April, when audiences spent over 30% of their TV time viewing video-over-the-top content. For the first-time, streaming has exceeded 30% of all TV usage. This increase in share was supported by nearly the same amount of streaming than in March, despite the 2.1% drop in total TV viewing. Seasonally, this is reflective of the usage at the beginning of spring.

As we’ve been tracking, the growth of the streaming industry has welcomed an array of new entrants, each with their own roster of content offerings. That growth is reflected in the engagement with the “other streaming” category, which has gained more than two full share points since SME debuted The Gauge with May 2021 TV viewing data. In April HBO Max’s share grew to 1%. This is the threshold that allows for stand-alone representation as shown in the chart below.

Although streaming volume was steady month over month, cable and broadcast saw their respective viewing figures drop by 3.3% and 2.5%. Broadcast viewers saw 14.7% less drama and 38.2% less sports. A 16.9% decrease in news viewing was reflected in the dip in cable TV viewing. However, there was a 17% increase of sports viewing due to both the NCAA basketball championships and the NBA.

Let me take you to the details of our methodology.

The video gives you a glimpse into the workings of The Gauge by Brian Fuhrer.


The Gauge is a monthly analysis of consumers’ access to content on key TV delivery channels, such as Broadcast, Streaming and Cable. The chart also shows the breakdown of major streaming distributors. It shows both the percentage of total television use by each streaming distributor and by category.

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