Marcia Desanctis: On a Decade of Traveling Through Essays

Marcia DeSanctis is the author of the international bestseller, 100 Places in France Every Woman Should Go. She spent two decades as a news producer for ABC, NBC, and CBS News 60 Minutes. She has written for Travel + Leisure, Vogue, Town & Country, Air Mail, Departments, BBC Travel, Lit Hub, Marie Claire, Off Assignment, … Read more

How To Become a Journalist

So, you want to become a journalist? Great choice—there’s never been a greater need for diverse and skilled individuals in the rapidly expanding and evolving news industry. (What Is Investigative Journalism?) Opportunities are no longer limited to the legacy media of television, radio, and print. While mainstream outlets suffer from closures and waning public trust, … Read more

What Is a Personal Reportage Essay in Writing?

Many writers are probably familiar with how journalistic reporting reads, very fact-based with the 5 Ws and 1 H to go along with an inverted pyramid style of placing the most essential information at the top followed by other pieces of information in descending order of importance . Many writers also have a good idea … Read more

Citizen Journalism vs. Traditional Journalism

“Traditional journalism is the outside looking in. Citizen journalism is the inside looking out. In order to get the complete story, it helps to have both points of view.” Mitch Gelman, President and CEO of WCNY, was referring here to the ‘boots on the ground’ reporting of citizen and bloggers in the aftermath of hurricane … Read more

What Is Investigative Journalism? – Writer’s Digest

My heart weighs as I prepare to enter the building. Backpack with a hidden camera that occupies the passenger seat, its own entity. This is the hardest part, getting into the character, hoping I won’t get caught. I Must Remember my cover story. They don’t know that I snuck into their group filming the whole … Read more

How Not to Write a How-To Book

Susan Shapiro is a famous writing educator and author of several how-to books, including her book Writer’s Digest, Bible. This tutorial provided practical ways for writers to get their first byline and subsequent byline into their dream publications. In this guide, she has included examples of articles that she and her students have written and … Read more

A Letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald From the Second Roaring ’20s

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald, Because of your lifelong tendency to write letters, your intimate, candid correspondence has become as much a part of your legacy as your novels and short stories. I hope you’ll forgive not writing this post by hand because the process has changed in the digital age. Rest assured though, personal sentiments are … Read more