On Not Saying What Your Book Is About

So, title jokes aside, what is the new one about? Everyone always asks. (6 Effective Steps To Promote Your Forthcoming Book on Social Media and Feel Good About It) There’s a story (I hope it is true) of a poet who read a short poem on air, and the host promptly followed up with: So … Read more

A Conversation With Baron R. Birtcher on Social Media: Bestseller. No Website. No Me. (Killer Writers)

I traverse Oregon along the iconic and beautiful Historic Columbia River Highway in search of waterfalls with my family. South of that is Portland, and just south of that is the Oswego Grill in Wilsonville where former music man and LA Times Bestseller and award-winning author Baron R. Burtcher has an oriental chicken wrap and … Read more

Instagram: An Underutilized Tool for the Freelance Writer

One might struggle seeing Instagram as a writing tool. After all, Instagram focuses on the visual while the writer relies on words. But writers are seeing Instagram as yet another method of expanding a career, and yes, that could even mean finding work. (Finding freelance work without social media.) Just like writers have different voices, … Read more

8 Tips for Reading Your Poetry in Front of an Audience

As we close in on summer, I’m seeing more and more reports of poets getting out and reading their poetry in person. While this has been going on for a while now, it feels to me like it’s picked up steam to near pre-COVID levels recently. (List of Poetic Forms for Poets.) And so that’s … Read more

6 Effective Steps To Promote Your Forthcoming Book on Social Media and Feel Good About It

Many writers shy away from using social media to promote their books because they don’t want to overwhelm their followers or come across as though they are trying to sell a product. But there is a way to build book buzz on social media without feeling like a door-to-door salesperson. The best way to make … Read more

Finding Freelance Writing Work Without Social Media

The world is afire on social media. Magazines and companies connect most of what they do on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, NextDoor, and more. If you study these avenues long, you realize that each tends to lean to one age group or another and different social groups. Per the PEW … Read more

How to Use Patreon as a Freelancer’s Tool

Patreon is the mechanism providing you with an online subscription service where you and your followers meet up and share the same lingo. They receive something creatively unique, and you relish the freedom of creative expression while earning a few dollars. (4 Places for Freelancers to Find Those First Clients.) You’ll find over 200,000 creators … Read more

5 Skills to Master Before You Launch Your Book

In the good old days, authors worked hard to revise, honey, and shape their books until they are fairly gleamed, then sat back with a sigh of relief and turned their precious baby over to their publisher’s marketing team to do the rest. Those days are over. (How I Landed My Literary Agent at the … Read more

How To Create a Podcast, Develop an Audience, and Get Your Novel Published

I must be honest: When I decided to turn my debut novel, Messengerinto MESSENGER: A Podcast in 16 Episodes, I had no idea what I was doing. How did my life-long dream and journey to publish a book take a detour, a clinamine (one of Messenger‘s concepts defined as a slight swerve that changes everything)? … Read more

3 Reasons to Update Your Book on Amazon

Did you know that Amazon sells nearly 50% of all printed books and more than 70% of all e-books in America? No other retailer comes close to its dominant market share in the industry. If you want to sell more books, you should master selling books on Amazon. (3 Crucial changes in the book publishing … Read more