Tammye Huf: On Real Love That Sparked Inspiration

Tammy Huff grew up in California, before moving first to Germany and then to the United Kingdom with her husband and their three children. In the more normal times, she still returns to the States regularly to catch up with friends and family. She has worked as an educator, translator, and copywriter and has published … Read more

Kerri Maher: On Playing the Long Game

Keri Maher is the author of The girl with the white glovesAnd Kennedy Depotand under the name Kerry Majors, This Is Not a Writing Guide: Notes for a Young Writer in the Real World. She holds a master’s degree in fine arts from Columbia University and has been a professor of writing for many years. … Read more

C. Hope Clark: On Releasing Two Books at Once

C.Hope Clark is the multi-award winning author of 14 puzzles in three series, and there are plenty of puzzles to come if she has her way around it. She left her beloved agricultural career, which included internal investigations, to marry a federal agent she had met in a bribery case, and write stories. Hope is … Read more

Leah Konen: On the Thrill of Real-life Inspiration

Lea Koonen is the author of a book All the broken people And many youth novels, including Love and other train wrecks And Romantics. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she studied journalism and English literature. She lives in Brooklyn and Sugerties, New York, with her husband, daughter, Eleanor, … Read more