Trinet: Poetic Forms – Writer’s Digest

Well, after a week of looking at trilonnet, let’s discuss trinet, which looks similar but isn’t related in any distinguishable way. I found many examples and references to them online, and they were created by someone who goes by the name “Zion”. Here are the instructions: 7 lines The third and fourth lines contain six … Read more

Trilonnet: Poetic Forms – Writer’s Digest

After taking a short break from poetic forms, it’s time to dive into some other forms on Fridays for a while. Specifically, we will discuss the trilonnet in this post, which is a quatorzain (or a 14-line poem that is not a sonnet) invented by Shelley A. Cephas. Here are the instructions: 14 lines Four … Read more

What Is a Sonnet Sequence in Literature?

I often share poetic forms on this site, but we’re looking at something a little different in this post; That is, we look at the hairline sequence. In this case, the poetic sequence is based on the poetic form of sonnets, which is typically a 14-line rhyming poem written in iambic pentameter with some different … Read more