Announcing the Second Annual Personal Essay Awards Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Personal Essay Awards! Read an interview with first place winner Alyssa Rickert in the May/June 2022 issue of Author’s summary. Want a chance to win a WD Prize? Keep checking our contests page for upcoming contests. 1. “The Middle” by Alyssa Rickert 2. … Read more

What Is a Hermit Crab Essay in Writing?

I’ve really enjoyed the process of diving into different forms of articles lately (full disclosure: this interest was sparked by the recent author highlighting Hasanthika Sirisena). As someone who loves to play with forms of writing of all kinds (just check out my list of poetic forms), I’m fascinated by the different possibilities with Endless … Read more

A Letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald From the Second Roaring ’20s

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald, Because of your lifelong tendency to write letters, your intimate, candid correspondence has become as much a part of your legacy as your novels and short stories. I hope you’ll forgive not writing this post by hand because the process has changed in the digital age. Rest assured though, personal sentiments are … Read more