Uncrowded – Writer’s Digest

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash I’ve lived in Maryland for several years, and one of my favorite things about our area is that we rarely get any snow. Seems silly, doesn’t it? But after going to college in the mountains of western Pennsylvania and growing up in the heart of Pennsylvania, having no more … Read more

Unbound Optimism – Writer’s Digest

Moriah Richard is managing editor at Author’s summary. Since her MA in Fictional Literature, she has worked with more than 100 authors helping them realize their dreams of publishing. As a reader, she is more interested in horror, fantasy, and romance, although she will read just about anything. Off the page, she enjoys cooking, a … Read more

Decisions, Decisions – Writer’s Digest

Photo by Kevin Fineran on Unsplash I’m one of those people who recently turned into survivor fandom – and yes, I’m talking about the hit reality TV show where people live on the beach and vote for each other one by one as they compete in physical and mental challenges. The thing I think is … Read more