Channel Your Inner Authorpreneur for Your Writing Labor of Love

I never started out wanting to be an author. I wanted to make money. So while my parents were away, my brother and I borrowed £200 from our local bank manager and set up a traveling disccotheque which we called Juliana’s. Fast forward 20 years later, and it became the largest-ever entertainment group of its … Read more

How to Use Patreon as a Freelancer’s Tool

Patreon is the mechanism providing you with an online subscription service where you and your followers meet up and share the same lingo. They receive something creatively unique, and you relish the freedom of creative expression while earning a few dollars. (4 Places for Freelancers to Find Those First Clients.) You’ll find over 200,000 creators … Read more

What Is an ARC in Publishing and Writing?

Posting is full of initials, abbreviations, and acronyms. Some of them are self-explanatory, while others can be a little confusing. One such case is the ARC caps, not to be confused with the lowercase arc (as in a story arc or a character arc), which is very important in the writing world. (How a strong … Read more