5 Keys to Writing a Slow Burn Romance

Anyone who really knows me will happily tell you that patience is not a virtue that I possess. (What writers should know about high-end weddings) However, patience is key when writing a slow love story, because not only is the reader waiting to get to the “good parts”, but the writer is too. You have … Read more

Paul Vidich: On Romance in Espionage

Paul Vidic is the author of mercenariesAnd coldest warriorAnd Respectful man, And The good killerHis fictional and realistic book appeared in The Wall Street JournalAnd LitHubAnd crime readsAnd fugueAnd NationAnd Narrative MagazineAnd Wordriot, and others. Lives in New York City. find it on Twitterand Facebook and Instagram. Paul Vidic Photo by Becca Palmer In this … Read more

Alana Quintana Albertson: On Giving a Tragedy a Happy Ending

Alana Quintana Albertson wrote 30 romance novels, rescued 500 shelter dogs condemned to death, and danced 1,000 rumba. She lives with her husband in sunny San Diego with her two sons and several pets. Most days, she can be found writing her next heartfelt book at a beachside café while sipping a Mexican mocha from … Read more

5 Tips for Writing a Domestic Thriller

When I set out to write my second thriller, The perfect escape, I’ve always been balancing the core of the idea and the characters of my characters with everything I’ve known from years of reading puzzles and thrillers and watching Hitchcock and Gulls movies. I never like to follow a formula, but I know that … Read more

How To Tell a Meaningful Story Without Using Words

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words – how about a book full of it? Writer and illustrator Sophie Burroughs shares how to tell silent stories through illustration and graphic novel. my graphic novel, crush It tells the story of two people navigating a solitary life in the city, grappling with feelings of loneliness, … Read more

10 Tips for Creating Your Own Graphic Novel

The graphic novel, or actually graphic storytelling, is the oldest form of human narrative preserved. From cave walls to carved tombs to stained-glass windows, the images told us tales that transcended any spoken or written language conveyed by the teller in his daily dealings. (Challenge to preserve the freshness of the novel series) Today, the … Read more

5 Tips for Finishing Your Book

When I first started working, I was told that for beginners like me, agents and publishers only wanted to talk to me if the manuscript was finished. This is because it is very easy not to finish the novel. To write some chapters and get away. As silly and simplistic as it may sound, the … Read more

C. Hope Clark: On Releasing Two Books at Once

C.Hope Clark is the multi-award winning author of 14 puzzles in three series, and there are plenty of puzzles to come if she has her way around it. She left her beloved agricultural career, which included internal investigations, to marry a federal agent she had met in a bribery case, and write stories. Hope is … Read more

Writer’s Digest January/February 2022 Cover Reveal

Searching for success in 2022 The January/February 2022 issue of Writer’s Digest has arrived! A new year means a new opportunity to evaluate what works and what isn’t in your writing life. In this issue of Writer’s Digest, we offer tips and inspiration to prepare writers for a successful year of writing, no matter what … Read more

The Challenge of Keeping a Novel Series Fresh

Although my Ava Lee series now consists of 15 novels, when I initially sat down to write, the idea of ​​writing a series never occurred to me. My only goal was to prove to myself that I could write/finish one book. But then things got weird. I was halfway through that first effort – which … Read more