The Top 3 Benefits of Audio Localization

The best way to get people in foreign countries to use your products or services is by localizing the audio in your ads and content. However, audio localization (or sound localization) is not a new concept. In fact, many companies have used the audio localization strategy to break into new markets. But what are the benefits of audio localization?

If you are hearing about audio localization for the first time, no worries. It is not too late to benefit from sound localization. It is better to start using effective marketing methods late rather than never.

With our help, you can start enjoying the benefits of audio recording and sound localization and other advantages of growing your new business in a foreign country.

Expanding your business across borders is inevitable, especially if you want your business to keep growing.

Do not allow the language barrier to stop you from becoming a global brand. Hire the best audio localization experts to make your product or services sellable in that country.

The Audio Localization Process

Each audio recording and sound localization project will require different strategies depending on the complexity and goal. Your audio localization process might vary from the approach another brand uses. In general, though, there are a few main steps and localization cues that need to be completed along the way for audio localization.

The sound localization engineer/project manager selects and organizes the audio recording multimedia assets that need to be used in the marketing campaign. This includes testing the sound spectrum to ensure localization accuracy and quality assurance.

Next, they hire the best voice-over artists to translate the audio content to the target audience’s language. This is non-negotiable to achieve studio-quality sound of your audio content. There will typically be a few recorded voice samples to choose from.

The audio media files are then transferred to a studio for post-production. Audio engineers then localize sounds used in the translated content to ensure localization accuracy. There is also a series of quality assurance checks that takes place after this.

Finally, the content is released during the international audience marketing campaign, after post production final approval.

Top Three Benefits of Audio Localization

Here are the benefits you will enjoy after localizing your audio content for your target audience:

Audio Localization Helps Build Brand Credibility

The best marketing techniques aim to convince the target audience that your brand is credible. The best brands ensure their audience knows about their reputation for delivering the best user experiences. But, without proper communication, it is impossible to convince an audience your brand is credible.

Many people prefer audio-visual marketing content. Therefore, you have an opportunity to effectively pass your marketing message to your audience in their language if you use audio localization.

Customers being able to engage with your content will naturally lead to increased conversions, sales, and retention. Retention (or future purchases) is especially important to your business as this lowers your customer acquisition costs to revenue ratio and leads to a higher customer lifetime value.

Repeat purchases also increase the chance of referrals as people love to share their favorite purchases with their family and friends.

Sound Localization Improves Your Competitive Edge in the Market

Trying to compete with local brands is going to be difficult. Local residents usually prefer to purchase from brands that originate in their own country. Sometimes the reasoning is supporting local jobs. But often, it’s due to the inability to understand an international brand’s content or a lack of rapport and resonance.

Instead, use sound localization to position your brand just like one that originates in your target country. By going the extra mile for your customers and creating an authentic brand experience through audio localization you’ll become a serious competitor in your chosen market.

Audio Localization Helps You Reach a Wider Audience

Audio localization can be leveraged to reach a wider audience, by automatically increasing your potential audience. And through audio localization, you can reach your audience in a variety of ways. For example, you can use the audio content for video demonstrations like teaching your audience more about using your products.

Also, you can add audio content to visual content for short ads on social media or even content for local radio stations. These are media platforms that reach a broad audience, giving your brand more visibility both online and offline.

Reaching a wider audience also increases the chances of having an impressive return on investment. After all, once you gain a foothold within a new market you can continue monetizing it through new products, services, and repeat buyers.

Let Us Help You with Audio Recording and Sound Localization!

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Our localization team understands the intricacies of audio-visual cues, spatial hearing, multiple speakers in an audio file, high-frequency sounds, and making your content accessible to a foreign language audience. We offer localization services for multiple languages, and our services extend far beyond finetuning voice overs!

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