TikTok Shares New Tips on How to Maximize Branded Content on the Platform [Infographic]

As TikTok continues to grow, and become a key culture driver in many regions, many advertisers are logically considering how they can tap into the platform in order to boost their promotions.

But marketing on TikTok is different from other platforms, most specifically in that TikTok users respond better to native-style content, arguably more so than other platforms. The full-screen, short-form nature of TikTok clips means that interruptive approaches are less successful, so you need to align with norms and trends of the ‘For You’ feed for maximum branding impact.

So how do you do that? TikTok recently partnered with IPSOS to conduct hundreds of brand lift studies to glean some more insight into the branded content elements that are driving best response.

Characters in your clips, custom songs, and more – all worth considering in your TikTok approach.

Check out the infographic overview of TikTok’s key branded content tips below.

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