Twitter Adds Spaces Replay Stats for Recorded Broadcasts

Added some Twitter Additional context for his space insights, with new data about the total restarts of registered spaces that hosts can now view.

As you can see here, in the details of Spaces’ recorded conversations, hosts will now be able to see how many listeners are tuned into the live broadcast and how many replays the session has had.

This will add more context to Spaces analytics, and help you better plan your strategy, by giving you more information about how to adjust your audience after the fact.

Maybe that prompts you to change your airtime to better align with more of your audience, or maybe it gives you more data to go on in relation to your average cumulative audience. However you use it, a more specific insight into how people tune in can only help with your broader approach to spaces and voice communication.

This is, of course, if you use audio tools for communication. After its skyrocketing rise early last year, the audio social trend has fizzled out recently, although Twitter is still in development for Spaces, and hasn’t finished discovering and amplifying audio sessions.

If Twitter can improve recommendations in its dedicated Spaces tab, and better align ongoing broadcasts with user interests, there is still much value in that option, and Twitter is working to make Spaces a more effective and valuable component of the broader Tweet experience.

And there are some great broadcasts and broadcasters in the app. They are hard to find amidst the chaos and junk. But Twitter has a framework in place to adopt Spaces more widely, and it could still improve its systems to make it a more important tool.

At the same time, it is also worth restraining yourself and seeing what happens when the opportunity presents itself. Scrolling through a list of spaces in progress can be annoying, but if you can find the right people, with good guests and a strong returning audience, there is still a lot of potential value, even if the great new job is no longer.

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