Twitter Publishes 2022 Major Events Calendar to Assist with Your Marketing Plans

This will help you plan for 2022.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, drawing an effective strategy has been nearly impossible, in all businesses, because as everything changes, we never know what goes back to normal and what isn’t, and how reopening or cancellation will then change consumer behavior and subsequent activity.

Events Matter – Over the past couple of years, we’ve become increasingly familiar with fine print on tickets, and refund policies for in-person events, because you never know, until the last minute, what’s really going on.

This makes planning your social media campaigns difficult, because there is little point in setting your CES-compliant tweet schedule if CES is then canceled, costing you money and time.

For social media marketers, this has made things more fluid, which is why Twitter has also changed its approach to it. Annual event calendars, and choosing to host a swappable and editable menu online, rather than a hard copy or PDF document that you can then download and build from.

Twitter planning calendar for 2022 is now available at this link, and although some events continue to be added and removed throughout the year, it’s a useful companion to planning and strategy.

As you can see here, the Twitter chart plots all the major notable dates and events for each month, with a list of things currently scheduled going forward.

Of course, you should check all conferences and sporting events individually, to make sure that they are actually taking place. But the list provides a solid reference guide to all the major linking opportunities for your social media campaigns throughout the year.

Furthermore, Twitter has published regional event calendars for AustraliaAnd BrazilAnd CanadaAnd FranceAnd GermanyAnd IndiaAnd JapanAnd MENAAnd MexicoAnd for freeAnd Spain and the United kingdom.

It’s a great resource, well worth bookmarking your planning – and even if things change, it’s still good to know what’s next to better plan your approach.

Add to that our comprehensive 2022 Twitter Marketing Guide, and you’ll have just about everything you need to build a solid Twitter strategy.

You can check out the 2022 marketing calendar on Twitter here.

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