Twitter’s Testing Advanced Search Tools for Direct Messages

Twitter seems to be working on a file The next stage of the search for direct messages, with the option to search for new DM content present in the app’s back end icon.

As you can see in this example, it was posted by App Finder Alessandro PaluzziTwitter appears to be developing a more advanced message search option, which will enable you to search all your DMs for specific keywords or mentions, helping you sort your chats for specific topics.

Which would be a major advance in the DM search update “Find people and groups” that Twitter added back in 2019, which enables you to find DM conversations based on the names of the respective usernames.

This is useful, but not as useful as contextual search, as it provides the ability to filter your direct messages based on mentions and keywords, which greatly enhances the search process.

Twitter has Tried more advanced DM search features In the past, like searching a particular DM topic for shared media and links.

But the ability to search by message content will be the most important development. There are, of course, privacy considerations to take into account in the process, but DM text keyword research would be a useful addition, which could make Twitter DMs a more useful tool.

It can also be a good addition to your Twitter customer service efforts. Providing more search tools can help simplify your DM’s response – for example, you can search for all users who have asked a question about a product, and provide relevant updates as they’re delivered.

There are a number of methods that can be used. We don’t have any further information to complete it yet, and it may be way too far from being a reality. But it looks like Twitter is looking to improve its DM search tools soon.

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