Using Weapons of Opportunity: FightWrite™

In the last FightWrite™ post on the WD blog, we looked at how the site can impact the fight. In this post, we are going to look at how the site can be part of the fight. Specifically, we will be considering weapons of opportunity that exist organically in the scene and can go from harmless to hazardous in the blink of an eye.

(Choosing a Setting for Your Fight Scene: FightWrite™)

Weapons of Opportunity

A weapon of opportunity—or as I call it, a WOO—is any item that in its intended use is not a weapon but can be wielded as such. Ever seen a character on screen throw a vase at someone? It’s a staple trope of soap operas. That vase is a WOO and far more than just a flying object. There are levels of harm in that weaponized bit of decor that you might not have considered. Right now, one of those dangerous levels is that the vase will teach us how our characters can find weapons just about anywhere and be deadly no matter where they are. And, bonus, this post just might “ninjafy” you a bit as well.


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