What are Sworn Translations? A Quick Guide!

The world is becoming more connected each day. Businesses are expanding their operations and remote work is driving the digital nomad trend. More people choose to move abroad for studies, career opportunities and new experiences. When you move to a new country or set up shop there, you will need to have your official documents translated. This is why sworn translations of legal documents are in such high demand.

You may need a sworn translation if you’re:

  • Applying for permanent citizenship
  • Opening up a new business location
  • Applying for higher education

What are Sworn Translations?

A sworn translation is a certified translation of a legal document in another language. These documents can include:

  • Statutes
  • Official documents.

There are no set universal standards and each country has its own regulations on sworn translations.

Who is a Sworn Translator?

A country’s official authorities recognize sworn translators. They can translate and validate legal documents.

They also the translation meets the laws and regulations of the receiving country.A sworn translator can also submit translated documents to governmental entities.

Most sworn translators have either a diploma or Master’s degree in a foreign language. They also need to have a strong grip on local and international laws and ethical codes.

Most sworn translators can::

  • Create certified copies and printouts of the translated documents
  • Arrange the authentication of translated documents
  • Translation of laws and international legislation

Why is Sworn Translation Important?

A document’s legal status and accuracy are often critical when translated. This is critical when documents go to:

  • Courts of law
  • in front of a governmental body
  • notaries
  • schools

A sworn translator is also valuable for a company trying to establish offshore operations.

In most cases, these translations are the only documents that local authorities accept. This is why they are so crucial.

These documents have to be translated into the country’s language; they also have to comply with the local laws and rules of the country. And this is something only a sworn translator or translation service can do for you.

Are Sworn Translations Valid?

Sworn translations are as legally valid as the original document. A sworn translator seals and signs the certified translation. This proves its validity

Each country has its requirements and rules regarding sworn translation. In some countries, a sworn translation may need to go through another round of validation before the government departments accepts it.

Is it Worth Paying Extra to Get a Sworn Translation?

Sworn translation is one of the highest ranked skill sets in the translation industry. This is because it requires in-depth knowledge of:

  • Another language
  • Laws and legal terms
  • Ethical codes

And because they deal with sensitive information, sworn translators have no room for error. They have to be extra careful when translating, and they cannot mistake a single detail. If they make an error on the translation, they risk charges of perjury, contempt of court, or negligence.

These experts go through a tedious process for certification. This is why sworn translation services are expensive. But, they’re worth every penny. At the end of the day, a sworn translator will deliver a high-quality and accurate translation of your legal documents.

Why Hire a Sworn Translation Expert?

Sworn translations deal with legal and sensitive documentation, and only experts must handle them. Their validity and acceptance in front of a government body depend on their accuracy.

Certified and sworn translations are ideal for complex situations like visas, opening a business, and enrolling in university. And if authorities don’t accept your initial translation, you must pay for a new translation and schedule another appointment which takes up precious time.

Instead, you can use an expert sworn translator to get the job done for you the first time around. Sworn translators are familiar with what you need. Working with these professionals saves you time, money and the stress of not having authorities accept your initial translation.

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