When Inspiration Strikes: Or Opening Yourself to Your Surroundings

(Trigger warning for violence and self-harm.)

I have a heart condition so when my doctor advised me to go to the hospital to check out chest and stomach pains, I listened.

(Richard O’Rawe: On Enjoying the Writing Process)

My wife and I arrived at the triage center of the local Accident and Emergency department at approximately 5 am There was only one other person there, but shortly after we had sat down, a young lady who said her name was Violet arrived, dressed like a goth, accompanied by her debonair boyfriend. The pair looked like they had been partying all night and seemed to be high. They approached the counter, and the caring young man told the receptionist that Violet had self-harmed, whereupon she removed a cloth and displayed her scarred and bloodied arm, declaring all the while that she wanted to die.


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