Which Social Media Apps Have the Biggest Impact on Sleep Patterns [Infographic]

Do you use your phone in bed to sleep?

Many see this as a way to unwind and unwind after the work day, but it may not be as calming as you think.

To get some ideas about this, the team from Sleep Junkie recently did It surveyed 2,012 Americans, the majority of whom regularly use their phones before bed, to see which apps have the biggest impact on their sleep patterns.

According to Sleep Junkie:

“We asked each participant to wear a smartwatch to record how long they fell asleep and how much time they spent in the REM phase of the sleep cycle, as well as provide feedback on how tired they felt the next morning after using the custom app, in the hour before bed.” .

As you can see in the chart below, TikTok had the biggest impact, with those who spent their time before bed browsing their For You feeds spent only 14% of their sleep cycle in the vital REM phase, nearly half of the amount of REM sleep they experienced. They must get it. You can see how the other apps work below.

The good news is that Sleep Junkie identifies the biggest impact as the blue light emission from your phone’s screen, which can be reduced by switching to dark mode in your apps. Sleep Junkie also recommends not using any electronic devices for at least two hours before bed.

Perhaps the new year is the time to implement new evening phone habits. You can read more in the full Sleep Junkie report here.

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