Writer’s Digest Presents: Debut Authors (Podcast, Episode 3)

In this third episode of the Writer’s Digest Presents podcast, Amy, Robert, Moriah, and Michael discuss debut authors, including whether hunt down debut authors specifically, how they discover new voices, and their favorite books by debut authors (see recommended books below) .

Advice for Debut Authors from the WD editors:

  • “Don’t look at the reviews.” -Amy Jones
  • “Don’t hide your enthusiasm about your writing and what you love. Don’t feel like you have to act like you’ve been there or that you’re too cool. My favorite debut authors that I work with as an editor are the ones who are coming in, and they’re just excited and they can’t hide it.And that kind of enthusiasm is for the writer, but also for me as an editor. well. And I think that goes through to literary agents, publicists, everyone starts to feel those vibes.” -Robert Lee Brewer
  • “Coming more from the editorial side, I always used to tell my authors, ‘Don’t be afraid to speak up at any point in this process, because your team is on your side.’ You might not think that you’re going to have a 3am breakdown about a comma on page 97, and here we are. So when you get there, just remember that your team is not the enemy. say; they want to be there to help you and support you in any way they can, even if it’s talking you off the ledge about this comma. want it to go in. This is not the story I wanted to write.’ If they’re not behind you, you’ll know it. And you’ll be able to take steps to get a team who’s going to support you and your work correctly.” -Moriyah Richard
  • “I guess something I think about a lot of times is that the writing advice writers get from other writers is ‘Write every day and make it a habit and build it in’ … and that is smart, helpful advice–a lot of times coming from people who’ve already found success and it’s hard for a lot of people who want to write to find two hours a day, an hour a day, 30 minutes a day to write for whatever reason. If they are working shifts that are nontraditional, and that can lead to people feeling like failures or they’re not real writers and for me, it’s just don’t worry about that. a day, if it’s a sentence a day, if it’s a paragraph a week, you are being a writer and you are doing it successfully, because it makes sense for your life. because of what it’s supposed to look like to be a writer. -Michael Woodson


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