Writer’s Digest Presents: World-Building (Podcast, Episode 5)

In this fifth episode of the Writer’s Digest Presents podcast, Amy, Robert, Moriah, and Michael discuss what world-building is, examples of their favorite world-building, and more.

Thoughts on World-Building From the WD Editors:

  • “I thought of world-building as a full world, and really you have to choose how to contain it somehow.” -Amy Jones
  • “You could be at the same exact place at the same exact time, but the tone is different for these two different worlds.” -Robert Lee Brewer
  • “World-building is really just how you tell a story in a way that immerses your audience totally within the story.” -Moriyah Richard
  • “What I find I prefer is a certain level of restraint, because I think a lot of times with world-building less is so much more.” -Michael Woodson


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